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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

Sunrise Baptist supports missionaries in various parts of the world although not all are listed here due to the sensitive nature of their work or location.  Sunrise also partners with local efforts such as Child Evangelism Fellowship, Young Life, Whatcom Jail Ministries, Cascade Prison MinistriesLighthouse Mission, outreach to the Lummi Nation and meals for the homeless in Bellingham.


Duane and Joanne Anderson Duane and Joanne Anderson serve with the American Indian Bible Institute (AIBI).  For more information, see this slideshow about their ministry.
• • •
Diane Calhoun
Diane Calhoun with New Territories Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya.  See this slideshow for more information.
• • •
The Jansmas 2017
Phil and Kristi Jansma serve in Brazil with New Tribes Missions.  See the Jansma Journal for more information on their ministry.
• • •
Scott and Ruth Millar
Scott and Ruth Millar serve with Converge as church planters.
• • •
David and Sheri Moore serve with Serve and Equip.  See this slideshow for more information on their ministry.
• •  •
Dave and Pris Reimer
Dave and Pris Reimer serve with Avant Ministries, reaching out to missionary kids (MKs) from around the world.  See this slideshow for more information on their ministry.
• • •

Dave and Cheri McDeavitt serve with Christar among the Kurds in Washington, D.C. and northern Iraq.
• • •
Scott and Polly Rempel
Scott and Polly Rempel serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Check out this 3' video for more information on their ministry.
• • •
Starfish Ministries serves in Haiti. 
• • •
Kent and Lyndall Vander Yacht
Kent and Lyndall Vander Yacht serve with Hearts That Hope in South Africa.  See this slideshow for more information about their ministry.
• • •
The Silvas
Rob and Kendra Silva serve at Camp Bighorn affiliated camp in Montana.
• • •
Central Asia
We partner with a couple who serve in Central Asia as regional directors for colleagues in over 10 difficult-to-access countries. 
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